Project Shiksha


(Upliftment of economically backward and marginalized girls through education)

The urban-rural divide is deepening. Despite widespread migration or shifts from rural to urban living, a major part of the country’s population lives in rural areas and face significant challenges related to employment, infrastructure, education and healthcare. Despite the key role played by rural women in community life, they still suffer from the constraints. Hardships, patriarchal mindsets make them suffer and they have been left behind. Due to the exclusion of economic, social and cultural development, they remain deprived of their rights in all the important walks of life. Upliftment of girls in rural communities through education is one promising solution to empower women. As rightly said by Brigham Young, “If you educate a man ; you educate an individual. You educate a woman ; you educate a generation” and Project Shiksha aims precisely at this.


As educational opportunities remain out of grasp for neglected girls of rural Marwar, His Highness Maharaja Hanwant Singhji Charitable Trust took initiatives in this sphere and made its aim to ensure that every girl child is provided with a chance to grow up healthy, educated, empowered and safe to build a bright future.

What We do …

To bring about social changes and to open doors of opportunities, the Trust runs two Hostels for rural girls at Keru & Desuri, aiming at empowering them through proper formal education and extra-curricular activities hence leading to a holistic educational exposure.